Gary's story

I left the “land of the heart-shaped bathtub”…

Labored through the city of (brotherly) love, and now here I am, just another New Yorker living in Brooklyn these past 25-odd (not to mention awful, wonderful, or excruciatingly mundane) years…

My grandmother bought me my first guitar from Sleep’s Music when I was about 12 years old. She also bought me a Gregory 30-watt amplifier with two 12-inch speakers that my schoolmate G.E. Smith blew out at the Hobbit Hole (in Pen Argyl or Bangor, Pennsylvania, in the 70s)… but that’s another story.

I taught myself to play the guitar and slowly, over the years, to blow the harp, lay down a bass line, even sound good sometimes on the ol’ 88s.

I’ve written about a hundred songs along the way, and despite my mom’s otherwise sage advice to “never sing in public,”

I DO!!!

Gary Newton